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Reliable data from trusted sources!


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Free VIN Check and VIN Lookup in 3 Easy Steps provides free access to comprehensive vehicle information sourced from trusted channels. Users can lookup and search for vehicle records by VIN, regardless of the make or model, across all 50 states in under a minute, absolutely free!

Step 1: Look for the VIN.

Look for the VIN. It is typically found on the inside of the driver’s door jamb and windshield.

Step 2: Start the VIN search.

Enter the VIN into the search box. Hit "Continue" and wait for the system to find the VIN in the  database.

Step 3: Get Vehicle History.

Browse the 10-page report or enter email address to receive a copy via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

The VIN is the car’s fingerprint, a unique vehicle identifier composed of 17 characters (digits and capital letters). Each section of the VIN stands for the car’s unique features, specifications, make and model, and other information.’s VIN search tool decodes these details and checks all records associated with the VIN.

You will find the VIN from outside the vehicle by looking at the dashboard on the driver’s side or on a sticker on the door jamb of the driver’s door. The VIN is also written on the title, vehicle registration, and insurance documents.

The VIN lookup tool displays "Invalid VIN" if there are errors in copying the 17-character combination. Make sure to accurately input the valid characters. The letters O (o), I (i), and Q (q) are not part of the standard format to prevent confusion with numerals 0, 1, and 9.

A VIN check is a process of verifying and retrieving information about a vehicle using its unique VIN number. It can provide details about the vehicle's history, including ownership, accident history, and more.

Basically, running a VIN lookup free of charge can generate a vehicle history report. However, many free VIN lookup services only provide basic car history. Traditionally, comprehensive reports are offered by paid providers. has changed the conventional paywall model by offering full vehicle history reports for free, with advertisers covering the cost.

While a VIN decoder focuses on providing basic vehicle details based on the VIN numbers or characters, a VIN check offers a deeper and more thorough examination of a vehicle's history and background. is a VIN check tool that decodes basic vehicle manufacturing details and traces the vehicle’s past based on data from a wide network of information sources.

Buyers, as well as sellers, can get a full vehicle history report by running a VIN search. If you want to buy a used car, you’d want to run a VIN number lookup to make sure it did not have any major issues in the past. As a car owner, you may want to have a vehicle history report you can present to a buyer if you want to sell your car.

The free vehicle history report is a comprehensive 10-page report that offers critical details on a used car collated from industry and government sources. Basically, it presents a used car’s past and current condition, including:

  • vehicle specifications
  • equipment details
  • market value
  • fuel efficiency
  • safety rating
  • inspection checklist
  • recalls and defects
  • auto insurance information

It is generally legal to perform a VIN check on a vehicle you own or are considering purchasing. You can run a free VIN check for any model or make if you have the VIN. However, it's important to use this information responsibly and not for illegal purposes, such as attempting to clone or steal a vehicle.