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Search your Maine license plate and get a free complete vehicle history report including: salvage status, theft or accident records, recalls and more!

Buying a used car in Maine can be a financially savvy choice. The state offers some of the lowest costs of car ownership in the United States, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers. As of 2022, the average cost of a used car in Maine is $33,758. This is relatively affordable compared to many other states. Additionally, Maine’s average annual cost for full coverage car insurance is $1,361, which is competitive and can contribute to the overall lower cost of vehicle ownership in the state.

Researching a vehicle’s past is a critical step when buying a used car. This helps ensure that you are aware of any potential issues such as accidents, title problems, or previous usage as a rental or fleet vehicle. In Maine, running a license plate lookup is an effective way to access this information.

A Maine license plate lookup is a convenient tool for gathering detailed information about a vehicle. offers free license plate search tool that will reveal critical details of a vehicle.  Search license plates registered in the state of Maine and get a complete vehicle history report absolutely free.

What You Can Get from a Maine License Plate Lookup

Here’s what you can expect from a Maine license plate lookup:

Vehicle Specifications and Equipment Details: Detailed specs, including performance metrics, fuel efficiency, handling, suspension, and dimensions.

Market Value: Accurate estimates based on recent sales data and historical pricing trends.

Fuel Efficiency: Information on city and highway mileage, providing insights into operational costs.

Safety Rating: Safety ratings from recognized organizations, including crash test performance and additional safety features.

Inspection Checklist: Checklist covering brakes, tires, suspension, and other critical components to ensure optimal condition.

Current Warranty: Details on remaining warranty coverage, including type and expiration date.

NMVTIS Vehicle History Report: Comprehensive report on title issues, previous damage, odometer readings, and overall vehicle history.

Maine License Plate Serial Format:

To contact the Maine DMV:

Administrative Office of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles
29 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0029

Phone: 207-624-9000
Fax: 207-624-9013
TTY: Users Call Maine relay 711

Official Maine BMV Website

Maine Vehicle Registration and License Plates FAQ

What is the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV)?

The Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) is the state agency responsible for handling various motor vehicle-related services and functions. The BMV oversees vehicle registration, driver licensing, and the issuance of license plates and titles. It ensures compliance with state laws and regulations pertaining to motor vehicles. The BMV operates branch offices throughout Maine, providing convenient access for residents to manage their motor vehicle needs. Key services include vehicle registration, title issuance, driver’s license testing and renewal, and the provision of driving records. The BMV plays a crucial role in maintaining road safety and regulatory compliance for Maine’s motorists.

What are the requirements for displaying Maine license plates?

All motor vehicles with a Maine registration must have current license plates before being operated on public roadways. Plates must be attached horizontally to the front and back of the vehicle, plainly visible and legible. Registration decals must be placed on the right side of the rear license plate.

What are the titling requirements in Maine?

Maine residents must register and title their motor vehicles before driving them on public roadways. Vehicles must be insured and inspected annually. Vehicles of the 1995 model year or newer must have a title. New residents must apply for vehicle registration within 30 days of establishing residency.

What should I do if my license plates are lost or mutilated?

If your license plates are lost or mutilated, submit a Notice of Loss of Number Plates and Request for New Plates at a BMV office. Replacement plates cost $5 each, plus the cost of validation stickers.

What types of license plates are available in Maine?

General issue plates are the standard design plates available in various classifications, including Antique Auto, Bus, Combination, Commercial, Commercial Tractor, Disability, Disability Motor Home, Farm, Hire, Horseless Carriage, Motor Home, Special Equipment and Street Rod.

Specialty plates designate a particular distinction or association and require approval by the Maine Legislature. Some plates may have additional eligibility criteria or require proof of status, such as military service or membership in a particular organization. Fees for specialty plates may vary depending on the type of plate and its purpose.

Vanity plates are personalized license plates that allow vehicle owners to create custom alphanumeric combinations, providing a unique way to personalize their vehicles and make a statement on the road. These plates can be ordered through any BMV branch office or online. Availability can be checked online to ensure the desired combination is not already taken. However, all custom combinations must adhere to state guidelines, which prohibit offensive language. An additional fee is required at the time of ordering.

Can I transfer my license plates to a new vehicle?

Yes, you can transfer your Maine license plates to a new vehicle if you apply for registration in the same year you revoke the old registration. The transfer plate fee is $8.00.More Resources for Maine Drivers:

Looking to buy a used car in Maine, whether it’s in bustling cities like Portland, historic towns like Bangor, or scenic counties like Cumberland and York? Don’t take chances. Use a Free License Plate Lookup for your Maine-registered vehicle!

  • Verify accident history: Every year, millions of accidents happen, including in key cities and counties across Maine.
  • Check title brands: Watch out for flood, hail-damage, or salvage titles, which can signal serious problems.
  • Confirm special use designations: Find out if the vehicle was used as a taxi, rental, or police vehicle, which could affect its condition.
  • Look for theft records: Use a VIN lookup to see if the car has been stolen or recovered.

Run a Free Maine License Plate Lookup to uncover the full story of your Maine-registered vehicle.

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