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As a used motorcycle buyer, the last thing you would want to get is a well-decorated piece of junk. Minimize your chances of getting one, saving valuable time and money in the process. No need to check numerous documentations to confirm your suspicions. No need to schedule an appointment with the DMV and wait in a queue. On the spot, you can review most, if not, all pertinent documents with a click using our Motorcycle VIN lookup and decoder tool. Get a FREE Motorcycle VIN check that can be accessed anytime, anywhere!

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What Is a Motorcycle VIN and Why Is It Important?

Motorcycle VINA Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is best described as the vehicle’s unique imprint. Think of your own fingerprints. They are unique and useful for quick identification. Same goes for the VIN. But unlike your fingerprints, VINs can easily be duplicated or cloned. Thieves and fraudsters do this to cover their tracks, hiding the real identity of a unit using the VIN of a similar motorcycle. If you have seen two motorcycles with exactly the same VIN, chances are, one of them is either stolen or salvaged. As they hone their skills in forgery, detecting a forged material has become much harder.

Thankfully, our FREE VIN Check can help you identify scams and convince you to look for better choices. Whether you’re buying an expensive throwaway bike or a getaway one, take hints from what our data can show.

Why do I need a Motorcycle VIN Check?

A Motorcycle VIN check can help you uncover the following:

  • Ownership history such as the number of previous owners, duration of ownership, registration details, city and state of registration.
  • Odometer reading. Shady motorcycle sellers might spin the odometer back to increase the vehicle’s selling price.
  • Previous functions such as taxi or a leased motorcycle.
  • Other vehicle data such as specifications, fuel efficiency, market value, ownership cost, title brands, safety ratings, warranty, insurance, repairs, maintenance, and recalls.

Where can I find my Motorcycle VIN?

A VIN or Vehicle Identification Number on motorcycles produced since 1981 is a 17-digit code which consists of letters and numbers. It is unfortunate there is no uniform VIN placement for motorcycles. Different manufacturers display the VIN in different locations. Below are some of the popular makers and the places where you can find the VIN.


Kawasaki VIN Each Kawasaki product line has a distinct VIN location. On a Kawasaki Vulcan, the VIN is stamped on the frame at the front of the steering head tube. You can locate the VIN for a Kawasaki Mule on the frame. It may be on a plate welded to the frame near the front of the vehicle, or stamped on the frame just under the seat. For Kawasaki Brute, the VIN can be found on the left front frame rail behind the wheel.


Yamaha VINDepending on the model, Yamaha VINs are usually stamped on the frame. These are often stamped on the right side of the steering head, where the front fork is mounted on the frame. The VIN is also imprinted on a metal tag located on the left side of the frame above the motor.


Aprilia VIN CheckGenerally, the VIN number of Aprilia motorcycles is stamped in a dot matrix format in different locations depending on the model. Most of the models have it stamped on the headstock or the front frame and other models have it on the frame down tubes, side frame rail, under the fuel tank or seat, and engine mounting. You can readily see the VIN at its location in some models, but you may need to turn the handlebars, for example, to see it.


BMW Motorcycle VIN CheckThe location of the VIN of a BMW motorcycle varies by series, but it is generally stamped on the frame, front right, or on the steering head. The spots differ mostly in the K Series where each model has its own special place for the VIN near the frame. On the F Series bikes, you can find the VIN on the right-hand side of the frame adjacent to the headstock. For the R Series, it’s either on the front face of the right rear frame bar or a metal plate welded near the headstock.


Ducati VIN CheckThe VIN on a Ducati motorcycle is usually located on the right side of the headstock. Specifically, it is displayed on a VIN sticker which is on the front left of the frame adjacent to the headstock.


Harley Motorcycle VIN CheckThe Harley Davidson motorcycle VIN is mostly found on the front frame tubes inline with the forks. Or it can be found on the headstock and can be accessed by turning the handlebars to the left or right. It is usually stamped with star * security marks at each end on tamper-proof black stickers with white lettering.


Honda Motorcycle VIN CheckThe locations of the Honda motorcycle VIN vary slightly with model and year. It is usually imprinted on the right side of the steering head or the headstock. Or look for a metal tag with the VIN (in dot matrix format) on the left side of the frame above the motor. Other possible placements, which differ with model and engine, are on the front left or top.

Indian Motorcycle

Indian Motorcycle VIN CheckFor Indian Scout and other models of this brand, the VIN is on the left side of the steering head. For the FTR 1200 models, however, the VIN is on the right-hand side of the steering head or printed on a VIN sticker located on the left-hand side of the steering head.


KTM VIN CheckThe VIN is on a sticker on the headstock sleeve of the KTM motorcycle. This is mostly true with models like Duke, EXC, and RC.l This is true especially for You will need to turn the front wheel to the left to see it.

MV Agusta

MV Agusta VIN CheckThe MV Agusta motorcycle VIN can be seen on the steering headstock, engraved on the right-hand side and printed also on a sticker in the same area.


Suzuki VIN CheckThe VIN of Suzuki motorcycles is usually on a plate on the steering headstock which is visible by turning the handlebars to the left or right.


Triumph VIN CheckSome Triumph models have the VIN stamped into the down tubes in front of the tank. Other models have it on the frame on the headstock. It can be viewed by turning the handle bars to the left.

Where does Report Get Information? taps a vast network of entities from the government and industry sector such as:

  • Government agencies
  • Junk yards
  • Insurance companies
  • Salvage yards
  • Manufacturers
  • Motorcycle dealerships
  • Motorcycle recyclers
  • Motorcycle auctions
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Collision repair facilities

Other Free Sources on Motorcycles and Motorcycle VIN is a free Carfax alternative service and covers as many relevant areas as possible to give you a comprehensive motorcycle VIN report. For more details you may want to know, check out the following sources:

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