KTM Motorcycle VIN Check

KTM Motorcycle VIN Check

KTM MotorcycleKnown for off-road bikes, KTM has pumped up its lineup with street bikes and sold almost as many street bikes as off-road bikes in 2015. Over the years, KTM has built a reputation for building agile and speedy bikes that have won some of the biggest races throughout the US and Europe. The Austria-based company has been the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Europe since 2012 and now also one of the top off-road bike producers worldwide.

When you buy a used KTM motorcycle, you want to make sure it has been well-maintained and has no previous issues. Avoid problems in the future by doing thorough vehicle research for free.

Run a KTM VIN check:

Where to find the VIN? The VIN is found on a sticker on the headstock sleeve of the KTM motorcycle. This is mostly true with models like Duke, EXC, and RC. You may need to turn the front wheel to the left to see it. In some models, you may find the VIN on the side frame rail, under the fuel tank or seat/engine mounting.

Interesting Facts About KTM Motorcycles

KTM Motorcycle VIN CheckAustria-based KTM AG was founded in 1992, but its story started back in 1934 in the car repair shop of Johann Hans Trunkenpolz. The first KTM bike did not arrive in the US until 1968 when it was imported under the name of John Penton. KTM America Inc. was established as a motorcycle plant in Lorian, Ohio ten years later. Today, KTM is known for its high-performance motorcycles for street and off-road use as well as for racing.

  • Trunkenpolz was an engineer who started a car repair business in Mattighofen in 1934. The first motorcycle he built in 1951, the R100, did not yet bear the KTM brand name.
  • In 1954, the KTM won the Austrian 125 national championship within one year after the serial production of the R100 started. This was followed by Egon Dornauer’s victory in 1956. Both wins helped establish KTM’s legacy of competition racing.
  • KTM holds numerous world championship titles: 96 MXGP, MX1, and MX2 world championships, 114 E1/E2/ E3 and Super Enduro world titles, 260 world championship titles and 3 consecutive championships in AMA Supercross, 37 world titles in cross country rally races and 15 titles winners in the FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship. KTM also dominated the World’s Deadliest Rally Race between 2001 and 2018.

Other Sources for KTM Motorcycle Owners

  1. Official KTM Website (US)
  2. KTM Owner’s Manuals
  3. KTM Dealer Locator

KTM Motorcycle Recalls

KTM has announced the recalling of all 2021 KTM SX-E 5 mini dirt bikes due to a missing battery vent valve that could allow water to leak into the battery. This may cause a short circuit that may result in an immediate engine shutdown and then, possibly, a crash. Husqvarna also recalled some of its bikes with the same defect.

Owners of affected KTM vehicles are advised to contact their respective dealers immediately to have their bikes repaired for free.

Here’s how to check if a KTM motorcycle is covered by recent or previous recalls:

Visit the KTM Motorcycle website

KTM Recall Lookup

Run a KTM Motorcycle Recall Check

Other contact points on Harley-Davidson motorcycle recalls:

KTM Customer Care Department1-888-985-6090
NHTSA Hotline1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153)
SaferCar.gov (run by NHTSA)www.safercar.gov

Why should I run a KTM Motorcycle VIN check?

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, you will find relevant information when you look up a KTM motorcycle VIN. Each report includes vehicle specifications, sales records, recall information, and official NMVTIS data:

Theft Records
A total of 40,380 bikes were stolen in 2019 across the US, according to the National Insurance Claim Bureau (NICB). This includes 805 stolen KTM motorcycles. Check if a KTM motorcycle has been cited in any historical or active reports of theft and theft recoveries from data captured by the NICB and other industry sources.
Accident Records
From 2009 to 2018, a total of 82,000 injuries and 4,985 fatalities were reported across the US. The fatality and crash rates per 100,000 registered motorcycles were 57.52 and 944, respectively. Check if the KTM motorcycle you are buying has been involved in an accident in previous years.
Salvage Auction Records
Check if a KTM motorcycle is included in historical salvage auction listings. Some bikes that have been stolen or damaged due to accidents or other reasons may end up being sold through salvage auctions. Bikes that have been damaged extensively may be deemed a total loss and sold to auctions by car insurers.

VinCheck.info also offers these valuable tools:

Market Value
Check the retail value of a KTM motorcycle based on the price of vehicles with the same model and make in recent months. The VinCheck.info market value tool covers both private party sales and dealer sales across all 50 states in the US.
Ownership Cost
There is more than just the cash price to consider when buying a motorcycle. As a potential owner, you want to know the actual cost of owning a KTM motorcycle. This VinCheck.info tool takes into consideration the depreciation over 5 years of ownership, plus all the additional expenses.

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Run a KTM Motorcycle VIN Check: