BMW Motorcycle VIN Check

BMW Motorcycle VIN Check

BMW MotorcycleBMW is one of the most respected manufacturers in the world because of its high-performance and sophisticated vehicles. Marketing under the BMW Motorrad brand,  BMW is making progress in achieving its goal to sell 200,000 motorcycle units across the globe by 2020. The German manufacturer builds shaft, chain, and belt driven models, with engines from 310 cc to 1,802 cc, for off-road, dual-purpose, sport, and touring activities.

No need to take unnecessary risks when buying a BMW motorcycle. Get the best bang for your buck and avoid costly maintenance related to bad history. Run a VIN check for any BMW motorcycle you want to buy:

Run a BMW VIN check:

Where to find the BMW VIN? The location may vary by series: near the frame (K Series), the right-hand side of the frame adjacent to the headstock (F Series), or on the front face of the right rear frame bar or a metal plate welded near the headstock (R Series).

Interesting Facts About BMW

BMW Motorcycle VIN CheckFounded in 1916, BMW initially built aircraft engines and eventually ventured into manufacturing motorcycle engines, farm equipment, household items and railway brakes. The German manufacturer produced its first motorcycle in 1923 and became an automobile manufacturer in 1928. Since 1969, BMW has built all of its motorcycles in its Berlin-Spandau factory.

  • BMW bikes are now available with a variety of engines but the flat-twin engines which powered the first motorcycle, BMW R 32, are still being used in other models today.
  • In 1937, the BMW 500 Kompressor racing motorcycle set a world record that stood for 14 years: top speed of 279.5 km/h or 173.7 mph.
  • One of BMW’s best selling models, the R1200 GS and R1200 GS Adventure (from the BMW GS family of dual sport motorcycles), have been featured in films and TV series. .
  • BMW Motorrad had record worldwide sales for the fifth year in a row in 2015, with a total of 136,963 vehicles sold. The United States ranked second to Germany in market share.
  • BMW is focused on the premium motorcycle segment; while offering a broad range of equipment options to enhance rider safety and comfort.

Other Sources for BMW Motorcycle Owners

  1. Official BMW Motorrad Website (US)
  2. BMW Owner’s Handbook
  3. BMW Dealer Locator

BMW Motorcycle Recalls

On Oct. 2, 2020, BMW Motorrad recalled 16,926 motorcycles due to a possible fuel leak near the ignition source which increases the risk of a fire. The recall covers model years 2005 through 2012. The same models were included in a previous recall to fix the support ring on the fuel pump.

Owners notified by BMW will be advised to go to their local dealers for the replacement, free of charge. BMW will replace the fuel pump and the auxiliary fuel pump when applicable.

Here’s how to check if a BMW motorcycle is covered by recent or previous recalls:

Visit the BMW website

BMW Motorcycle Recall Lookup

Run a BMW Recall Check

Other contact points on Kawasaki motorcycle recalls:

BMW Customer Service1-800-525-741
NHTSA Hotline1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153) (run by NHTSA)

Why should I run a BMW VIN check?

You can get highly relevant information about any BMW motorcycle whether you’re a buyer or a seller when you run a BMW motorcycle VIN lookup. Aside from vehicle specifications and sales records as well as recall information, each report includes:

Theft Records
A total of 443 BMW motorcycles were stolen in 2019. According to the National Insurance Claim Burea (NICB), 40,380 bikes were stolen in the same year across the US. Check if your BMW motorcycle was not cited in any any historical or active reports of theft and theft recoveries from data captured by the NICB and other industry sources.
Accident Records
A total of 82,000 injuries and 4,985 fatalities were reported from 2009 to 2018 across the US. The fatality and crash rates per 100,000 registered motorcycles were 57.52 and 944, respectively. Find out if a BMW motorcycle has any accident record in the past that may compromise its safety and performance on the road.
Salvage Auction Records
Some BMW bikes that have been stolen or damaged due to accidents or other reasons may end up being sold through salvage auctions. If the bike has been damaged extensively, the car insurance company may deem it a total loss and sell it at auctions. Check if a motorcycle is included in historical salvage auction listings.

You will also gain access to these valuable tools:

Market Value
Check the retail value of a BMW motorcycle based on the price of vehicles with the same model and make in recent months. The market value tool covers both private party sales and dealer sales across all 50 states in the US.
Ownership Cost
There is more than just the cash price to consider when buying a motorcycle. As a potential owner, you want to know the actual cost of owning a BMW motorcycle. Essentially, the tool takes into consideration the depreciation over 5 years of ownership, plus all the additional expenses.

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