Honda Motorcycle VIN Check

Honda Motorcycle VIN Check

Honda MotorcycleHonda motorcycles are one of the most reliable bikes, with a predicted failure rate of only 12 percent within a four-year period. The Japanese brand is known for its wide variety of styles options: standards, cruisers, touring motorcycles, scooters, sport bikes, and off-road motorcycles. The world’s largest motorcycle maker since 1959, Honda has produced 400 million units by the end of 2019. Honda bikes, like its cars, are meticulously designed with a solid, functional build.

You want the best that a Honda bike can offer. Run a free Honda Motorcycle VIN Check. Get as much information as you can to make a well-informed decision. Watch out for theft and scams which often target this bestselling brand. Avoid hidden bad history that can cost you more in maintenance in the future. Here’s how to access relevant info on any Honda bike:

Run a Honda VIN check:

Where to find the VIN? It will depend on the model and year. In many cases, it is imprinted on the right side of the steering head or the headstock. You may also find it in a dot matrix format on a metal tag on the left side of the frame above the motor.

Interesting Facts About Honda Motorcycles

Honda Motorcycle VIN CheckThe first Honda motorcycle was built in 1949 when Honda Technical Research Institute was renamed Honda Motor Co. Dream Type D, the early version, was powered by a 49cc two-stroke motor. The first North American division, the American Honda Motor, was opened in Los Angeles, California after a decade. In 2019, Honda has reached two milestones: 70 years of producing motorcycles with a total of  400 million motorcycles produced worldwide.

  • The Honda NR750 introduced 27 years ago revolutionized the industry. Valued at $60,000, only around 300 were built. It had half as many cylinders as a V8 motorcycle with more valves per cylinder.
  • Honda engineers designed the Honda Riding Assist, a technology that keeps the bike upright. Once it detects a slow down in speed, the handlebars disconnect and the fork angle increases to take over the balancing.
  • Honda developed a production motorcycle airbag technology in 2005 and introduced it as an option for the Honda Goldwing in 2006. It is the only technology of its kind that exists today. In March 2019,  model year 2008 to 2015 Honda Goldwing motorcycles were recalled for replacement.
  • The Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin model is considered the best powersport vehicle. Powered by a 998 cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke parallel-twin engine, the bike retails only at $13,599.

Other Sources for Honda Motorcycle Owners

  1. Official Honda Website (US – Powersports Division)
  2. Honda Owner’s Manuals
  3. Honda Dealer Locator (Exclusive)

Honda Motorcycle Recalls

Honda recalled 645 units of 2019 and 2020 Honda Monkey mini motorcycles in the US. The luggage rack fitted on the bikes have defects that could cause the rack to break and possibly even fall. The rack is rated for a 6-lb load and the incidents that led to this recall involved loads of less than 6 lbs. This issue is a safety hazard: the rack could fall off the motorcycle while in motion.

Starting December 16, 2019, owners have been advised by mail to either uninstall the rack themselves or to visit a Honda Powersport dealership to have it removed and then claim reimbursement for the part. Honda will not offer a replacement.

Here’s how to check if a Honda motorcycle is covered by recent or previous recalls:

Visit the Honda website

Honda Recall Lookup

Run a Honda Recall Check

Other contact points on Harley-Davidson motorcycle recalls:

American Honda Customer Service 1-866-784-1870
NHTSA Hotline 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153) (run by NHTSA)

Why should I run a Honda Motorcycle VIN check?

Access relevant information about any Honda motorcycle using the VIN to search’s database. Buying or selling a Honda bike? Vehicle specifications and sales records as well as recall information are important for you, including:

Theft Records
Honda motorcycles ranked as the most stolen motorcycle brand in 2019, with a total of 8,121 units stolen. According to the National Insurance Claim Bureau (NICB), 40,380 bikes were stolen in the same year across the US. Find out if your Honda motorcycle was not cited in any historical or active reports of theft and theft recoveries from data captured by the NICB and other industry sources.
Accident Records
A total of 82,000 injuries and 4,985 fatalities were reported from 2009 to 2018 across the US. The fatality and crash rates per 100,000 registered motorcycles were 57.52 and 944, respectively. Find out if a Honda motorcycle has any accident record in the past that may compromise its safety and performance on the road.
Salvage Auction Records
Check if a Honda motorcycle is included in historical salvage auction listings. Some bikes that have been stolen or damaged due to accidents or other reasons may end up being sold through salvage auctions. Bikes that have been damaged extensively may be deemed a total loss and sold to auctions by car insurers. also offers these valuable tools:

Market Value
Check the retail value of a Honda motorcycle based on the price of vehicles with the same model and make in recent months. The market value tool covers both private party sales and dealer sales across all 50 states in the US.
Ownership Cost
There is more than just the cash price to consider when buying a motorcycle. As a potential owner, you want to know the actual cost of owning a Honda motorcycle. Essentially, the tool takes into consideration the depreciation over 5 years of ownership, plus all the additional expenses.

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