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Search your Maryland license plate and get a free complete vehicle history report including: salvage status, theft or accident records, recalls and more!

In Maryland, where owning a vehicle is prevalent with 93.1 percent of households having at least one, it’s crucial to exercise caution when buying a used car. Consider running a license plate lookup to uncover any hidden issues before making a purchase, especially in key cities like Baltimore, Rockville, and Frederick. Given Maryland’s status as one of the most expensive states for full coverage car insurance, obtaining a vehicle history report is essential to identify potential problems such as flood damage or salvage titles. Additionally, arranging for an independent mechanic to inspect the vehicle can provide further peace of mind regarding its condition. offers free license plate lookup that will reveal past ownership, title information, liens, odometer reading and salvage records. You can search license plates registered in the state of Maryland and get a free vehicle report. Simply enter the license plate above to start a license plate search. Every report contains:

  • Market Value: Estimated worth of the vehicle based on current market trends.
  • Vehicle Specifications: Details about the car’s make, model, year, features, and more.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Information on the car’s fuel economy ratings.
  • Safety Rating: Safety scores from recognized agencies.
  • Inspection Checklist: A guide to key areas of the vehicle to inspect.
  • Current Warranty: Information on any existing warranties.
  • NMVTIS Vehicle History Report: Comprehensive report on the vehicle’s history, including title issues, accidents, and theft records.

Maryland License Plates FAQ

How do I register a vehicle and get  a license plate in Maryland?

Maryland law requires all motor vehicle owners to register their vehicle and obtain license plates from the Maryland Motor and Vehicle Administration (MVA) before they can drive the vehicle on the road. Front and rear plates are required for most classes of vehicles, while only rear plates are required for motorcycles and trailers. In most cases, both vehicle registration and titling are handled at the same time.

Maryland License Plate Serial Format:

To contact the Maryland DMV:

Maryland Motor and Vehicle Administration (VMA)
6601 Ritchie Highway N.E.
Glen Burnie, MD 21062
Call Center – 410-768-7000
Call Center – 1-800-950-1682

MVA Branch Locations
MVA VEIP Locations

Visit your local Maryland MVA office with the necessary documents, including the vehicle’s title, proof of insurance, proof of identity and residence, and payment for the registration fees. If you are a new resident of the state you must apply for a Maryland title and registration for your vehicle within 60 days of moving to Maryland. Your registration card, license plates and expiration stickers can be provided immediately when you apply in person to the MVA; otherwise, these items also will be mailed to you.

What types of license plates are available in Maryland?

Maryland offers various types of license plates, including standard plates, specialty plates for organizations and causes, personalized plates, and plates for different types of vehicles (e.g., motorcycles, trailers). To request a personalized (vanity) plate you may go online through MVA’s website or you can complete an Application for Special Registration Plates (form # VR-164).

Can I transfer my license plates to a new vehicle in Maryland?

Yes, you can transfer your license plates to a new vehicle in Maryland under certain conditions. License plates may be transferred to a newly acquired vehicle if both vehicles have the same owner, have the same registration classification, and  if the old vehicle have been sold, traded, junked or discarded. Visit your local Maryland MVA office with the current license plates, the vehicle’s title, proof of insurance, and payment for the transfer fee.

What should I do if my Maryland license plates are lost or stolen?

If your Maryland license plates are lost or stolen, report the loss or theft to your local law enforcement agency and obtain a police report. Then, visit your local Maryland MVA office with the police report, identification, and payment to get a replacement for your lost. stolen or damaged license plates.

How do I renew my vehicle registration in Maryland?

You can renew vehicle registration in Maryland online, by mail, or in person at your local Maryland MVA office. You will need your vehicle registration renewal notice, proof of insurance, and payment for the renewal fees.

More Resources for Maryland Drivers:

Buying a used car in Maryland?  Don’t make a costly mistake. Run a Free License Plate Lookup for your Maryland-registered vehicle!

  1. Check for accidents. Every year, approximately 6.0 million automobile accidents are reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  2. Check for title brands. Flood, hail-damage, and salvage titles are examples of critical title brands.
  3. Check for special purpose designations, including taxi-use, rental-use, or police-use.
  4. Check for thefts. Lookup a VIN to check for an active theft or previously recovered theft record.

Run a Free Maryland License Plate Lookup to uncover the full-story of your Maryland-registered vehicle.

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