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Check to see whether your Audi vehicle has an open recall. Audi recalls address defects relating to motor vehicle safety, and non-compliances with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. For your own safety, any recall affecting your vehicle should be completed without delay. VIN recall check tool will return information on applicable recalls issued during the last 15 years. Simply enter 17-character VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to check if any recall applies to your Audi vehicle. Please refer below for information on locating your vehicle’s VIN.

How do I check if my Audi has a recall?

Look for your Audi VIN:


Audi recall

Enter the 17-digit vehicle identification number:


An Audi Recall check by covers:

Recalls and defects
Car report summary
Market value
Vehicle specifications
Equipment details
Fuel efficiency
Safety rating
Inspection checklist
Auto insurance
NMVTIS report

What does an Audi recall announcement include?

Here is what you need to know about an Audi safety recall:

  • NHTSA Campaign Number: assigned identification number for a particular Audi recall
  • Summary: recall details that include the following but not limited to model name, model year, manufacturing plant, registration status and the problem or defective item in question that warrants an Audi safety recall
  • Consequences: the extent of the risk that may happen if the problem is left untreated.
  • Remedy: the possible solution(s) to the problem and how the repair can be coordinated with Audi

How should I contact Audi about an open recall?

Curious to know if your car is included in an Audi safety recall? You may get in touch with the following entities for updates:

  • Audi Recall Hotline: 1-800-253-2834

Visit Audi Recall VIN Check page once in a while to keep yourself abreast of the latest recall updates.

  • NHTSA: National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration Auto Safety Hotline at 1-888-DASH-2-DOT (1-888-327-4236

How do I fix an Audi recall?

Audi will send notifications to owners warning them about Audi recalls. They will also relay the instructions that you must follow to get the problem fixed. No idea where to get recall service? Use this Audi Dealership Finder to locate the nearest one to your home. You may click a spot on the map or you may enter a dealership name, location or ZIP code for dealer details to show up.

What are the latest Audi recalls?

Not even Audi was spared from a major thorn in the auto business — the expensive recalls resulting from faulty specifications. While not all Audi cars are inherently defective, others were not lucky enough to be free of any technical fault. Your Audi might be one of those defective units that got released unbeknown to factory managers. Better safe than sorry, run an Audi recall check to clear your head of any doubts about your car. These are some of the most widely recognized Audi recalls.

IssueAffected VehiclesImpactSolution/Repair
Faulty pumps’ temperature can go beyond tolerable heat levels, which can lead to fire.An assortment of 1.2 million cars and SUVs in various parts of the world are counted as part of the recall.

Affected models include:

2012 – 2015 A6

2013 – 2016 A4

2013 – 2017 A5

2013 – 2017 Q5

Over time, the pumps can potentially be blocked by coolant debris or moisture, which may cause short circuits, and eventually, fire.According to an Audi spokesperson, Audi will order dealerships to replace the faulty pumps of recalled vehicles. The service is expected to be free. Owners may be given a choice between a new version or a redesigned version of the pump.
Airbags may spontaneously inflate when not needed.About 900,000 Audi vehicles with model years 1995, 1996 and 1997 are recalled.



The issue has two identifiable root causes:

The vast majority of recalled Audis, 835,000 of them, have airbags that are sensitive to static electricity. During low-humidity conditions, this may trigger the airbags to deploy.

The remaining 68,800 units have airbags with a faulty sensor that may misread the situation and deploy airbags unexpectedly.

Audi’s solution is simple. Since both problems involved unintended pathways for electricity, installing a ground wire for the steering system may avert the problem.
Volkswagen installed a misleading tracker to provide false emissions dataVolkswagen, Audi’s parent company, will recall 11 million VW and Audi vehicles. Half of these are from the US.

Recalled vehicles:

2009 – 2013 Audi A3 TDI

2015 Audi A3 TDI

Recalled vehicles carry a tracker that generates fake low pollution levels during emissions testing.Owners of recalled cars are eligible to file a lawsuit because of Volkswagen’s deliberate misrepresentation.

They can also coordinate with a VW or Audi dealership to replace their ‘defeat devices’ with legit ones. Like every other recall, there is no cost for replacement.

Possible fuel leak problem.Volkswagen has recalled 159,884 VW and Audi cars, among them are 2008 – 2011 Audi A3 TDI units.According to Volkswagen, Audi’s parent company, a feature of a TDI engine can fail because of an error in the manufacturing process.Volkswagen has issued the recall on their own, without the NHTSA’s direct involvement. While this makes it a voluntary recall, it does not make it any less important.

Owners of recalled Audis can coordinate with authorized dealers for the possible fix on the problem.


A part of the fuel pump may have cracks large enough for fuel to seep through.




Audi has conducted an independent recall involving 240,487 units of 2013 – 2017 Audi Q5 and Q7 models.Audi has received several complaints from customers regarding the presence of probable cracks on a pump. With such condition, the potential for fuel leak and fire cannot be ruled out,



Audi will coordinate with dealers to test the defective part in question. Fuel pumps with cracks will require a replacement, while for those that do not have any cracks, a protective film will be applied on the part that may endure degradation.


Is my Audi affected by the Takata Airbag Recall?

About 106,000 Audi vehicles are listed under the Takata safety recall campaign. If you were unfamiliar with the Takata airbag recall, it currently holds the title as ‘the largest auto recall in US history. About 40 million vehicles in the country were said to carry faulty airbags. Extreme fluctuations in temperature, like extreme heat and moisture, may cause the airbags to deploy with too little or too much force. Both scenarios can have a potentially deadly outcome.

Model Model Years Covered
A41998 – 2001
A61998 – 2001
A81998 – 2001
TT1998 – 2001

Can I search recalls for an Audi using a license plate number?

Sometimes, for some reason, an Audi’s VIN may not be known at the moment. If that were the case, the license plate number can be given in lieu of the VIN. license plate lookup can produce a full vehicle history report in a matter of seconds. Their car history report tackles everything you need to know about a car, including recalls and defects.

Run a Recall Lookup by License Plate Number:

Enter License Plate:

Why should I run an Audi Recall Check?

Since a vehicle is expected to stay with you for a long time, vehicle safety must always be on top of the mind when shopping for cars that will satisfy your needs. It must also be an important consideration if you were selling a car since your reputation is on the line. Long-time owners must not be complacent with their car’s status as it takes time for some defects to be discovered and be resolved with recalls.

  1. Check for Audi safety defects. In 2019 alone, 265,000 vehicles in the US were recalled due to major issues regarding airbags and wheel trims. Shocking numbers, is it not? We barely scratched the tip of the iceberg since this is just one of the many Audi recalls to be reported by news outlets.
  2. Check for Audi compliance to federal safety standards. For your greater good and the general public, ensuring maximum quality should never be a half-hearted effort. In some states in the US, there is a minimum standard requirement for cars to be considered passable and roadworthy. Otherwise, it is illegal to operate substandard cars given the danger they pose on the road.
  3. Ensure buyer confidence. Running an Audi recall check can help you improve your selling points. And for the buyers and current owners, give you peace of mind and further reason to love a car. It will be hard to want a car that only gives you constant worries and issues in the long term.
  4. Resolve issues promptly. An Audi safety recall means your car has serious issues that need to be fixed before it could cause more trouble. This is not to say that you are currently in danger. However, it would be wise to listen to Audi’s advisory in order to minimize the risks of driving your car. 

Unravel the full story of your vehicle with an Audi Recall Check now:

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