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Vehicle recalls are issued for any number of reasons. The recalls often involve vehicles that may be unsafe to drive and need repair or replacement. As a Dodge owner, you are responsible for making sure that your vehicle has met the required safety and performance standards. By doing a Dodge recall check, you will be able to see whether your car is affected and how to get the problem resolved. At, you can run a VIN check absolutely and find out if your Dodge vehicle has an existing open recall.

How do I check if my Dodge has a recall?

Look for your Dodge VIN:


Dodge recalls

Enter the 17-digit vehicle identification number:


A Dodge Recall check by covers:

Recalls and defects
Car report summary
Market value
Vehicle specifications
Equipment details
Fuel efficiency
Safety rating
Inspection checklist
Auto insurance
NMVTIS report

What does a Dodge recall announcement include?

If there are recalls for your Dodge, check the following:

  • NHTSA Campaign Number: identification number assigned to a recall
  • Summary: details of the recall such as the vehicles covered, where the vehicles were sold or registered, the issue or part that may pose a safety risk or fail to meet minimum safety standards,
  • Consequences: how the recall may compromise the operation and safety of the vehicle
  • Remedy: how the problem can be fixed (repair, replacement or refund) and how to contact Dodge for assistance

How should I contact Dodge about an open recall?

For more information regarding recalls:

  • Dodge Recall Hotline: (800) 853-1403

You may also check recall information for safety and defects at the official Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) website.

  • NHTSA: National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration Auto Safety Hotline at 1-888-DASH-2-DOT (1-888-327-4236)

How do I fix a Dodge recall?

If you are a Dodge owner, you will be notified if your vehicle is included in an open recall. You can also enter your 17-digit vehicle identification number at Dodge Recall Information website for a full report of your vehicle’s recall status. If your vehicle is affected by a current recall, you can bring your car to any authorized Dodge dealership for a free repair.

What are the latest Dodge recalls?

Many Dodge vehicles have existing open recalls for safety-related defects or non-compliance with minimum federal safety standards. The recent recalls involve the following model years:

IssueAffected VehiclesImpactSolution/Repair
Driver side mirror issue2020 Ram 2500

2020 Ram 1500

Due to a manufacturing error, the mirror glass may detach from the backing plate and no longer provide a reflective surface. This could reduce rear visibility for the driver and may increase the risk of a crash.Dealers will replace the driver side mirror glass, free of charge.
Faulty backup camera2018-2020 Dodge Charger PursuitWhen the car is in a “stealth mode” setting and the driver shifts into reverse, the backup camera rearview image does not display, increasing the risk of a crash.Dealers will update the body control module (BCM) software to disable the stealth mode when the vehicle is put into reverse.
Rearview camera display issue2019-2020 Ram 1500
2019-2020 Ram 2500
2019-2020 Ram 3500
2019-2020 Dodge Durango
2019 Dodge Challenger(Models equipped with 8.4” or 12” radio displays)
Due tof a software error, the rearview camera image remains displayed on  screen after the vehicle is no longer in reverse. This could potentially distract the driver and increase the risk of a crash.Dealers will update the software at no charge to the owner.
Brake issue2019 Dodge Challenger
2019 Dodge Charger
Front and rear brake packages are incompatible with each other, and may not leave enough clearance between the tire inner sidewall and the suspension steering knuckle. A contact between the components could result in damage to the tires that would lead to a sudden loss of air pressure. This would potentially result in drivers losing control of the vehicle without warning, increasing the risk of an accident.FCA will inspect and replace the incompatible front wheels with wheels that are compatible with the brake package installed on the vehicle. If necessary, FCA will replace the rear wheels to match the front wheels.

Is my Dodge affected by the Takata Airbag Recall?

FCA issued a recall for many Dodge vehicles to replace faulty Takata airbags. The inflators may explode with too much force and send shrapnel flying at drivers and passengers in the event of a crash, potentially resulting in injury or death.

The recall covers the following models and years. Owners are advised to schedule an appointment with an authorized Dodge dealer for a FREE Takata airbag inflator recall repair.

Model Model Years Covered
Ram 35002010
Ram 4500/55002010


Can I search recalls for a Dodge using a license plate number?

You can enter any Dodge license plate number at’s free license plate search tool to check if your vehicle has an outstanding recall.

Run a Recall Lookup by License Plate Number:

Enter License Plate:

Why should I run a Dodge Recall Check?

Driving a Dodge vehicle with defects that might affect safety and performance may put yourself, your passengers and other drivers in danger.

  1. Check for Dodge safety defects. Vehicles that are under active safety recalls are potentially dangerous and puts everyone on the road at risk.
  2. Check for Dodge compliance to federal safety standards. It is important that your vehicle meet the safety regulatory standards to protect car occupants and pedestrians from getting into a car crash. 
  3. Be safe on the road. Check whether any unfixed open recalls apply to the vehicle you are planning on buying. 
  4. Make sure the recalled car is fixed. In case of a vehicle recall, you can determine what type of fix is necessary for the affected vehicle.

Unravel the full story of your vehicle with a Dodge Recall Check now:

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