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Search your Hawaii license plate and get a free complete vehicle history report including: salvage status, theft or accident records, recalls and more!

If you’re buying a used car in Hawaii, research the vehicle. It is important to get all information. Make sure to get a vehicle history report. It can reveal whether the car has been salvaged, rebuilt, flooded or reported stolen. Enter a Hawaii license plate above to lookup your vehicle and get a complete report.

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Hawaii Motor Vehicle Registration and Title

Hawaii has no statewide database for vehicle titles and registration. Each county has their own regulations. Requirements may slightly vary per county.


How to get a vehicle title in Hawaii

Each county in Hawaii has their own vehicle titling regulations. The requirements below are general. Additional documents may be required by the local county:

  • The old vehicle title, signed by the owner and lienholders, if any
  • The old vehicle registration.
  • Odometer disclosure, if less than 10 years old
  • Bill of sale form
  • Valid identification for both the buyer and seller
  • Have the car inspected for safety and a new certificate issued
  • Visit your county office and pay the required fees
    • Maui – $10 for the transfer fee
    • Honolulu – Use the DMV website to determine your fees
    • Hawaii – $5 for the transfer fee
    • Kauai – Call 808-241-4256 to determine the amount

Out Of State/County Title Transfer

If the seller and the buyer are not present at the DMV, the seller should present all the documents. In addition to the requirements above, make sure you have the following:

  • The Application for Registration, Form DF-L(MVR) 1.
  • A Bill of Lading or Out-of-State vehicle permit with the date of entry to the port clearly indicated.
  • Vehicle Inspection Certificate.
  • Vehicle weight certificate. This may require visiting a Certified Scale.

How to Register a Vehicle in Hawaii?

Requirements for vehicle registration depend on which county you are residing. Select your county below for specific procedures.

Types of Hawaii License Plates

The Hawaii standard license plate features a rainbow with a white background and black lettering. Special license plates are also available. Check with your local Hawaii motor vehicle licensing office for details.

  • Honolulu Division of Motor Vehicles and Licensing (CSD): (808) 768-4325.
  • Hawaii Motor Vehicle Registration : (808) 961-8351.
  • Maui Motor Vehicle and Licensing Division : (808) 270-7363.
  • Kaua’i Department of Motor Vehicles: (808) 241-4256.

Transferring of License Plates in Hawaii

You may be able to transfer your tags when you sell or trade a vehicle. Since Hawaii has no central DMV office, all the transactions are handled at the county level. You need to surrender your tag when:

  • You move to another state.
  • Cancel your car insurance.
  • Get a new type of license plate (e.g., specialty or personalized).

More Resources for Hawaii Drivers:

Buying a used car in Hawaii?  Don’t make a costly mistake. Run a Free License Plate Lookup for your vehicle!

  1. Check for accidents. Every year, millions of automobile accidents are reported.
  2. Check for title brands. Flood, hail-damage, and salvage titles. These are examples of critical title brands.
  3. Check for special purpose designations, including taxi-use, rental-use, or police-use.
  4. Check for thefts. Lookup a VIN to check for an active theft or previously recovered theft record.

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