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Free Illinois License Plate Lookup

Search your Illinois license plate and get a free complete vehicle history report including: specifications, title status, salvage records, liens, odometer reading, theft or accident records, recalls and more!

In the bustling Illinois used car market, buyers face the risk of encountering fraud, including title washing, odometer rollback, and undisclosed damage. To mitigate these risks, leveraging tools like license plate lookup and vehicle history reports is crucial. These resources provide transparency and essential insights into a vehicle’s history, empowering buyers to make informed decisions and avoid potential scams. As of 2021, Illinois ranks 4th in the number of vehicles registered in the US, with over 4.1 million vehicles, highlighting the importance of thorough research in this vast market.’s free Illinois license plate lookup tool can be used to gather information on any vehicle registered in the state. All you need is an Illinois license plate number. There are several license plate lookup tools available online, which you can use to look up a license plate for free or for a fee.

What Information Can You Obtain With an Illinois License Plate Lookup?’s Illinois license plate lookup is indispensable for used car buyers in Illinois. It offers transparency, protection against fraud, and peace of mind by providing valuable insights into a vehicle’s history. With detailed information on accidents, title transfers, and potential red flags, buyers can make informed decisions and negotiate confidently, ensuring a smoother and safer buying experience.

Below is the information you can obtain with a License Plate Lookup in the Prairie State:

  1. Vehicle Specifications: Details such as make, model, year, engine type, dimensions, and weight.
  2. Title History: Information about past ownership records, title transfers, and any branding events such as salvage or rebuilt titles.
  3. Equipment Details: Specific features and equipment installed in the vehicle, such as entertainment systems, safety features, and optional extras.
  4. Fuel Efficiency: Data regarding the vehicle’s fuel efficiency, including miles per gallon (MPG) ratings for city and highway driving.
  5. Safety Rating: Insights into the vehicle’s safety ratings and performance in crash tests conducted by reputable agencies.
  6. Recalls & Defects: Alerts regarding any open recalls or known defects associated with the vehicle.
  7. Current Warranty: Information about any remaining warranties or service contracts applicable to the vehicle.
  8. Theft Records: Indicates if the vehicle has been reported as stolen.
  9. Salvage Auction Records: Information about any history of significant damage or repairs from salvage auctions.
  10. Sales Records: Details about the vehicle’s transaction history, including previous sales listing prices and ownership transfers.
  11. Accident Records: Information about the vehicle’s accident history, including past collisions, damages, repairs, and insurance claims.
  12. Flood Check Records: Alerts regarding any history of water damage, typically from floods or other natural disasters.
  13. Market Value: An estimate of the vehicle’s market value based on factors such as condition, mileage, and geographic location.
  14. Ownership Cost: Estimated ownership costs, including maintenance, insurance, depreciation, and other ongoing expenses.
  15. Inspection Checklist: A comprehensive checklist covering essential components and systems of the vehicle, typically used during pre-purchase inspections.

License Plate Lookup

Illinois Plate Serial Format:
AB 12345

Contact the Illinois DMV:

Illinois Secretary of State
213 State Capitol
Springfield, IL 62756
800-252-8980 (toll free in Illinois)
217-785-3000 (outside Illinois)

Illinois Vehicle Registration and License Plates

In Illinois, all vehicles must be registered with the Illinois Secretary of State and display valid license plates on both the front and rear. These plates must always be visible and legible. The Illinois Secretary of State Office also serves as a valuable resource for vehicle information in the state.

After buying a vehicle or entering the state, drivers have 30 days to register their cars. Afterward, a temporary registration permit will be provided as you wait for your license plates. You can use the permit to drive up to 90 days or until your license plates arrive.  The standard license plates in Illinois have white lettering on a blue background, with the state name and motto ( “Land of Lincoln”) as well as a graphic of the state outlined in red. All cars must display two license plates: one each for the rear and the front parts.

Request for a replacement plate/sticker if your plate/sticker is damaged or missing. A replacement for one plate costs $6, while for both license plates it’s $9. Stickers cost $20 each.

Types of Illinois License Plates

The state has eleven (11) license plate designs which you can order for your car:

  1. Passenger
  2. Persons with Disabilities
  3. Specialty
  4. Antique
  5. Collegiate Series
  6. Pan Hellenic Series
  7. First Responders
  8. Military Series
  9. Recreational Trailer/Vehicle
  10. Sporting Series
  11. Professional Sports

Your vehicle must be properly titled and registered under your name before you can request a personalized or vanity plate. The use of personalized or vanity plates for vehicles that are leased, in a trust, or registered by a business entity is prohibited.

Transferring of License Plates in Illinois

In general, you can process a license plate transfer to any vehicle that you owned. However, you cannot transfer the ownership of your license plate to another person or entity. Visit the Transferring Plates page for more information.

Titling Requirements and Procedure in Illinois

Vehicle owners in Illinois may start their title application online through the Electronic Registration and Titling System. Upon completing the process, they may send their applications by mail or over the counter to a Secretary of State office. Make sure the details you will divulge are correct to prevent your request from being denied. If the vehicle is under nine years old, don’t forget to include your vehicle’s mileage at the time of submission.

A title request may depend on the following documents: (1) Tax Form RUT-50 to transfer ownership, and (2) Tax Form RUT-25 for vehicles that were purchased from out-of-state dealers. A replacement for a lost or damaged title can only be issued after 15 days have passed since the original title was given, and after being acknowledged by the state’s DMV office. If it is a second duplicate request, it will take 30 days.

If your title contains incorrect details, you may submit a request for correction, along with a signed Illinois Certificate of Title for authentication. Make sure all important persons have provided their signatures on the certificate. If the car has a lien, the title will be delivered to the lienholder because the DMV recognizes his or her preponderance. Otherwise, the main owner will acquire the title if a lien is absent.

Vehicle Registration Expiration and Renewal

The Illinois Secretary of State sends out a renewal notice and application before your vehicle registration expires. You can renew your vehicle registration in several ways: online, by phone, by mail, or in person. To renew in person, visit your local Secretary of State facility, currency exchange, or participating bank, and bring your renewal notice and payment. To renew online, go to the Illinois SOS website and enter your Registration ID and PIN (located on your current registration card), as well as your insurance company name, policy number, and expiration date. You can use a VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, or American Express for payment. To renew by phone, call 866-545-9609 and provide your Registration ID and PIN from the renewal notice you received.

More Resources for Illinois Drivers:

No matter where you are in Illinois, whether in Chicago, Springfield, Peoria, or any county or city, conducting a license plate lookup is vital when buying a used vehicle. This step ensures your safety, saves money, and informs your purchase decision. Don’t overlook this step; it’s quick and can reveal hidden issues or title brands that may affect your decision. Protect yourself and your investment by running a license plate lookup today, regardless of your location in Illinois. It’s a simple action that can prevent future problems.


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