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The safety of any BMW is important whether you’re driving your own car, buying or selling a car. Safety issues can be traced back to past ownership through a BMW car report or the production line through a BMW recall check. Open recalls can be fixed for free at any BMW center. At, every free VIN check is essentially also a recall search. You can easily find out if your BMW has any open recalls by entering your VIN and clicking “Check Recall” below.

How do I check if my BMW has a recall?

Look for your BMW VIN:


BMW recalls

 Enter the 17-digit vehicle identification number:


A BMW Recall check by covers:

Recalls and defects
Car report summary
Market value
Vehicle specifications
Equipment details
Fuel efficiency
Safety rating
Inspection checklist
Auto insurance
NMVTIS report

What does a BMW recall announcement include?

If there are recalls for your BMW, check the following:

  • NHTSA Campaign Number: identification number assigned to a recall
  • Summary: details of the recall such as the vehicles covered, where the vehicles were sold or registered, the issue or part that may pose a safety risk or fail to meet minimum safety standards,
  • Consequences: how the recall may compromise the operation and safety of the vehicle
  • Remedy: how the problem can be fixed (repair, replacement or refund) and how to contact BMW for assistance

How should I contact BMW about an open recall?

For more information regarding recalls:

  • BMW Recall Hotline: (800) 525-7417

Register your BMW online to ensure that the manufacturer has all of their information updated. Register your vehicle, tires, car seats and equipment.

  • NHTSA: National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration Auto Safety Hotline at 1-888-DASH-2-DOT (1-888-327-4236)

How do I fix a BMW recall?

BMW will notify you via mail if your vehicle is affected by a recall. Follow any safety guidance for operating your BMW and contact your local dealership to fix the recalled part for free. Visit the BMW recall page to find the nearest BMW Center in your area. You will need your ZIP Code to find one nearby.

What are the latest BMW recalls?

Over the past few years, BMW had a number of recalls for different issues. Consider this list as just a sampling of recalls declared in recent years. Recalls do not necessarily affect every vehicle of the same year, make and model. It is important to run a BMW recall check to know the status of a specific vehicle.

IssueAffected VehiclesImpactSolution/Repair
Debris in the hybrid battery cell4,509 hybrids with the following model years and model:

BMW 330E hybrid sedans

2020-2021 BMW 530E hybrid sedans

2021 BMW 745LE hybrid sedans

2020 BMW i8 hybrid sports cars

2020-2021 BMW X3 hybrid crossovers

2021 BMW X5 hybrid SUVs

2020-2021 Mini Countryman crossovers

The debris could cause the batteries to short-circuit, which could lead to a fire.The solution for this problem is still “under discussion,” according to BMW.

BMW warns drivers not to charge the battery of their plug-in vehicles, drive in manual mode, sport mode or use the shift paddles.

Faulty headlights which may create glare for oncoming drivers4,265 model year 2019-2020 BMW Z4 roadstersReduced visibility, increasing the risk of a crash.The recall repair is currently available through BMW dealers who will inspect and fix the affected vehicles’ headlights. It usually takes less than half a day.
Rear spoilers may detach while in operation2020 X6 sDrive 40i, X6 xDrive 40i, and X6 xDrive 50iRoad hazard and increased risk of crashOwners will receive the notice of recall through First Class mail beginning April 13, 2020. Local authorized BMW centers will assess the spoiler of affected vehicles and, if necessary, replace it with adequate adhesive for free.
Third brake lights could loosen and detach2,728 model year 2014 to 2019 M6 Gran Coupe vehicles


Higher risk of crash due to inadequate exterior lighting to surrounding trafficNotifications were sent to vehicle owners in April 2020.They are strongly advised not to drive the vehicle though the vehicle can still be operated if the third brake light becomes detached.

Vehicle owners must schedule an appointment at any authorized BMW center for the free repair of the detached brake light. New fasteners will be installed to secure the brake lamp into place. This solution will be completed in at least  one hour. .

Outboard rear seat belt pre-tensioners may not lock in the event of a crash135 model year 2019 – 2020 330i and 330i xDrive vehiclesWhen seat belt pre-tensioners may fail to lock, the occupant may slide forward rapidly and get injured, During a crash, the seat belt itself will still lock.Letters were sent on February 10, 2020 by first class mail.Vehicles should be brought to a certified BMW Dealer once the letter has been received.

BMW dealers will replace the entire affected rear seat safety belt, free of charge. The process should take about one hour.

Is my BMW affected by the Takata Airbag Recall?

BMW is one of the 19 auto manufacturers affected by the Takata recall. The Takata Airbag Safety Recall covers millions of vehicles with airbags made by Takata, an auto parts supplier. Long-term exposure to high heat and humidity can cause these air bags to explode when deployed and cause serious injury or even death.

Check out this list of BMW models from 2000 to 2015 that may be affected by the recall. If your vehicle is affected, promptly visit your local BMW dealership to have your free repair done. If your vehicle’s model is not listed, your vehicle may not be affected at this time.

Model    Model Years Covered
1 Series2008 – 2013
3 Series2000 – 2013
5 Series2000 – 2003
X12013 – 2015
X32007 – 2010
X52000 – 2004

2007 – 2013

X62008 – 2014

Can I search recalls for a BMW using a license plate number?

Yes, you can also check recalls for a BMW using the license plate number. license plate lookup links you to the VIN of the vehicle and generates a full report covering tons of information including recalls and defects.

Run a Recall Lookup by License Plate Number:

Enter License Plate:

Why should I run a BMW Recall Check?

Checking if a BMW is affected by a recall is a basic responsibility for an owner, buyer and even a seller and here’s why it matters for both new and used cars:

  1. Check for BMW safety defects. Out of 7,730,152 vehicles recalled by BMW from 1985 to 2016, 86.5% were recalled for problems that could cause death, crashes, injury, fire, or accidents.
  2. Check for BMW compliance to federal safety standards. You need to check if your vehicle meets the minimum performance requirements for parts of the vehicle that most affect its safe operation or protect drivers and passengers from death or serious injury in the event of a crash. 
  3. Ensure buyer confidence. Whether you’re buying a BMW or selling it, running a recall check can help you identify if there are any issues that may affect the car’s reliability and maintenance. 
  4. Resolve issues promptly. A recall does not necessarily mean you are in danger. However, a recall should be taken seriously. You would want to know if there is an issue and get the issue resolved as soon as possible. 

Unravel the full story of your vehicle with a BMW Recall Check now:

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