Arkansas Vehicle Registration

Arkansas Vehicle Registration: Complete Guide

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The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration’s subsidiary, the Office of Motor Vehicle, is the primary go-to for vehicle registration and titling in the state. Vehicle registration can be done in two ways: through the dealer or by manual registration.

The first one requires less participation from the buyer; the dealer will usually handle the paperwork on their behalf. As for the latter, the buyer may have to do much of the legwork by themselves. This could be tedious but beneficial in a way; they will have firsthand knowledge of any problem that may come out during the processing stage.

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Arkansas License Plates

Arkansas belongs to the minority of US states that require only a single license plate for each motor vehicle. License plates are mainly used for tracking and identifying the origin, ownership and location of the vehicle. In short, it is the vehicle’s nameplate. It is also the means by which the vehicle is alluded to in a transaction or document.

These details provide government agencies the means to recognize the validity of vehicle transactions. It is also the only way we can trace the vehicle’s current location, whether for ownership identification or prosecution of criminal offenders.

As an additional identification, registration stickers are also issued for newly-registered vehicles or those with renewed registration. For missing or mutilated license plates, find out which of the forms on the list applies to you. Fill it out then submit it to an Arkansas motor vehicle agency to request for duplicates.

You may also inquire for replacement plates by mailing the official Office of Motor Vehicle address:

Ragland Building
1900 W 7th St, Ste 1100
Little Rock, AR 72201

Arkansas Vehicle Registration & Renewal

For an Arkansas vehicle registration or renewal to proceed, the applicant must prove its ownership. To do this, they need to provide valid proofs of ownership and identification. The details from these requirements should match each other and remain consistent.

New residents/owners must register their vehicles within 30 days of entry to the state, or after the completion of vehicle sale. Drivers may register online through MyDMV or by visiting a registration branch.

Vehicle registration requirements:

  • Primary Document(s)
    • Arkansas Title
    • Bill of Sale
    • Manufacturer Statement of Origin
    • Out of State Title
  • Insurance Card
  • Federal Odometer Statement

Additional requirements that may apply:

  • Personal Property Tax Number (PPAN)
  • Lien Contract/Security Agreement
  • Current Year County Tax Assessment
  • Proof of paid tax receipt

Registration Renewal Requirements (online):

  • Renewal Reminder w/:
    • Renewal Identification Number
    • Verification Code

In lieu of a renewal reminder, you can submit these requirements instead:

  • Last 4 Digits of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • License Plate Number
  • Zip Code.

Payment method (for online transaction)

  • Valid credit card


  • Electronic check information

All outstanding obligations must be cleared by securing a lien release. It can be acquired from lienholders that were named on the title. Present it at the motor vehicle agency when registering a car or transferring ownership. This will help ensure the success of your transaction.

Registering Your Vehicle as a Military Personnel in Arkansas

For military employees who are residents of Arkansas, they must comply with the same rules as ordinary Arkansas residents. For non-residents who are stationed in Arkansas, they must provide a copy of their Leave & Earnings Statement. The document can serve as their basis for granting some exemptions on assessment and personal property taxes. Get in touch with the local DMV authority to know exactly what kind of privileges apply to you.

Arkansas Vehicle Insurance

According to the Arkansas Insurance Department, registered vehicles must be covered with minimum insurance coverage to operate in Arkansas. The breakdown can be read as follows:

  • $25,000 for single bodily injury or fatality in an accident
  • $50,000 for two or more injuries or fatalities in an accident
  • $25,000 for damage to property of other persons

Total Loss Vehicle

For a vehicle to be declared a ‘total loss,’ the insurer must first provide their own calculations on the vehicle’s damage. If the cost equals or exceeds 70% of the vehicle’s market value, or if the vehicle is submerged beyond the height of the dashboard, the insurer may declare it a ‘total loss’. Once a declaration of ‘total loss’ has been made, the insurer must notify, in writing, both the vehicle owner and the Arkansas Motor Vehicle agency about it.

Transferring Vehicle Ownership in Arkansas

To officiate an ownership transfer, the agreement of both transferor and recipient must appear in the form of a written notice containing these important details:

  • Vehicle Sale Details:
    • Year
    • Make
    • Model
    • Vehicle Identification Number
    • Date of Transfer
  • Seller’s Personal Details:
    • Seller’s Printed Name
    • Seller’s Address
    • Seller’s Signature
  • Buyer’s Personal Details:
    • Buyer’s Printed Name
    • Buyer’s Address
    • Buyer’s Signature

Any mistakes or errors on the documents must be rectified immediately to avoid any inconveniences. The notice must then be given to the motor vehicle agency either online or by handing over this form in person.

Death of Owner

The owner(s) must indicate on the registration/title application an expressed desire to transfer ownership to a beneficiary upon their death. To validate succession as heir, a death certificate must be provided, along with proof(s) of ownership and succession.

Change of Address on Vehicle Records

Vehicle owners can change their address on vehicle records online by entering the following details to the OMV search engine:

  • Zip Code
  • License Plate Number
  • Last 4 digits of Vehicle ID Number (VIN)

Once done, the changes you made will take effect immediately.

Registration Fees and Other Charges in Arkansas

The regulating agency for vehicle registration in Arkansas, the Arkansas Office of Motor Vehicle, may apply charges when you register your vehicle. These are the fees that are commonly asked for owners of passenger vehicles:

Registration fees

3,000 pounds or less$17.00
3,001 – 4,500 pounds$25.00
4,500 pounds and over$30.00

Other fees

Validation decal fee$2.50
Title fee$10.00
Tag transfer fee$1.00
Lien filing fee$0.50

Use this page as a walkthrough when you register your vehicle in Arkansas. Although some special conditions may apply to other vehicle owners, the guidelines you can find here are applicable in almost all situations. Just follow all the directions en toto and you will never go wrong.