Georgia Vehicle Registration

Georgia Vehicle Registration: Complete Guide

Georgia Vehicle RegistrationAs of 2017, Georgia ranks eighth in the US with around 3.5 million registered automobiles. Registering your car, pickup truck or SUV helps the government track all vehicles operating in the state. Vehicle registration records in states across the US are valuable sources of information on the history of any car. If you are selling or buying a car, you need to get a vehicle history report to establish a car’s identity and history. Look up the VIN also to check if the car is not stolen or has hidden issues.

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Georgia vehicle registration is basically similar to most states but specifics may differ. If you are buying from a dealership, you may be able to let them attend to the registration process for you.  All vehicle transaction processes are handled by the Georgia Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). To save time, go to DRIVES e-Services for the pre-application process. has compiled some basic steps or requirements to follow if you want to:

How to Register Your Vehicle as a New Georgia Resident

Within 30 days of acquiring residency, new Georgia residents must apply for a title and register their vehicles at the County Tag Office in their respective local areas. You will be eligible for application once you already have a valid Georgia driver’s license or ID.

In most cases, you have to apply in person with the requirements below. To save time, you can start your MV-1 Motor Vehicle Title/Tag Application online before you visit the County Tag Office.

How to Register an Out-of-State Vehicle in Georgia

The County Tag Office handles the processing of vehicle titling and registration for vehicles from out of state. You need the following documentations or requirements:

How to Register a Vehicle Imported from Another Country

For vehicles titled or registered previously in another country, the processing of title and registration are done at the car owner’s local County Tag Office.

How to Re-register a Salvaged Vehicle in Georgia

Here are the requirements to apply for a rebuilt title and vehicle inspection which must be submitted to Georgia’s approved private inspectors or stations. Only a licensed rebuilder can purchase a salvage or wrecked vehicle for the purpose of restoring or rebuilding. Rebuilding is only allowed for vehicles branded “Salvage” in Georgia or “Salvage,” “Flood,” “Water,” “Fire,” and “Total Loss” out of state.

All of the above requirements must be submitted to:

DOR/Motor Vehicle Division
Attn: Salvage Unit
P. O. Box 740384
Atlanta, Georgia 30374-0384

How Do I Change My Address with Georgia MVD?

There are two ways to change your vehicle registration address. In any case, make sure to have it corrected first on your Georgia driver’s license or ID card.

  • Through DRIVES e-Services (Make sure to have the following beforehand:)
    • License plate number or VIN number
    • Driver’s License number or Letter ID
    • Proof of Residency

How to Register a Newly Purchased Vehicle in Georgia

Register a brand new or used vehicle within 30 days of purchase in Georgia with the requirements below:

  • Valid Georgia’s driver’s license or ID card
  • Completed and signed Form MV-1 Title/Tag Application
  • Proof of insurance
  • Proof of ownership
    • Vehicle’s original valid title (buyer/seller information completed and assigned to you)
    • Bill of Sale if the vehicle is 1985 or older and does not require a title
    • Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MSO)

Present these documents or complete the registration by mail to your local County Tag Office

Georgia Vehicle Registration Renewal

The Georgia MVD sends a renewal notice by the beginning of your registration month. Contact your County Tag Office if you do not receive the notice or if the notice does not indicate your balance. To receive your notice via email, sign up to Go Green. If you fail to renew, you may be charged for applicable penalties.

Here are three options for renewing your vehicle registration:

  • DRIVES e-Services (check if notice indicates this online service is available
    • License plate number or VIN number
    • Driver’s License number or Letter ID
    • All registration fees, taxes, and convenience fees (lookup Renewal Fee Estimate if you don’t have a notice
    • Passed emissions inspection results (in counties requiring emission testing)
  • Self-Service Kiosks are available in selected counties for those who meet these specific conditions (documents are printed after successful renewal):
    • Your vehicle is registered in a participating county
    • You have a valid Georgia State driver’s license
    • You have the correct address on your renewal notice.
    • You have proof of liability insurance on file (if applicable)
    • You have a Vehicle Emission Inspection on file (if applicable)
  • In-Person or Mail-in Renewal at your County Tag Office
    • Valid Georgia driver’s license or ID card (if you apply in person)
    • Renewal notice
    • Proof of Georgia liability insurance (if applicable).
    • Clearance for emission’s inspection.
    • Payment for all fees and/or taxes due

Georgia Vehicle Registration Fees

Fees to register your vehicle differ based on factors such as the type of vehicle you own, the type of plate you order (standard or specialty), ad valorem tax (varied by county and based on car market value).  Basically, fees will include the following

Check out the schedule of motor vehicle fees, fines and penalties and the ad valorem tax calculator to get an estimate of your total fees.

For inquiries or help on calculating the fees, contact:

  • County County Tag Office’s Tag office
  • GA MVD help desk at (855) 406-5221