Ohio Vehicle Registration

Ohio Vehicle Registration: Complete Guide

Ohio Vehicle RegistrationOperating or driving a car in Ohio requires proper documentation through titling and registration. In fact, the same thing is true for all the states in the US. You can check whether a car, pickup truck and SUV has been registered anywhere in the country. You need only the vehicle identification number (VIN) or the license plate number to get a background on any car.

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In 2017, Ohio ranked 5th based on the number of registered cars (over 4.5 million). The Bureau of Motor Vehicle (BMV) is the state agency that processes vehicle title and registration. VINCheck.info compiled some of the standard procedures and requirements you may need throughout this process:

How to Register a Car in Ohio for the First Time

The Ohio car registration process have the following requirements which must be presented in person at a local deputy registrar license agency in Ohio.

  • signed proof of Financial Responsibility Statement
  • lease agreement and power of attorney documents (for a leased vehicle)
  • emissions testing (E-Check) if applicable
  • proof of weight (check with Ohio weigh stations), if applicable
  • Ohio Certificate of Title or Memorandum of Title
  • Ohio driver license, state ID or proof of Social Security number
  • Tax ID number if titled in a business name

How to Register Your Vehicle as a New Ohio Resident

Apply for a vehicle title and registration within 30 days of moving to Ohio. Submit the following to your local deputy registrar license agency:

  • Emissions testing (E-Check) if applicable
  • Ohio driver’s license, state ID or proof of Social Security number
  • Proof of weight (check with Ohio weigh stations) if applicable
  • Tax ID number if titled in a business name
  • Ohio Certificate of Title or Memorandum of Title (refer to the next section on how to title and register vehicles registered or bought out of state)

How to Register an Out-of-State Vehicle in Ohio

Before applying to register a vehicle that you brought or bought from out of Ohio, you need to obtain secure an Ohio title. The registration process is usually the same as above except for requirements from out of state.

Here are required documents for securing an Ohio title:

  • Out-of-state title certificate properly signed and with supporting documents (with social security numbers and signature of owners)
  • Transfer request form from the County Clerk of Courts Title Office completed by the lienholder
  • Valid identification
  • An out-of-state VIN inspection by the Ohio deputy registrar license agency or any licensed Ohio motor vehicle dealership
  • For lease transactions only, two original powers of attorney from lessor (one to obtain an Ohio title and one to obtain vehicle registration and license plates)
  • Payment of applicable fees

Vehicle Registration Renewal in Ohio

To renew your vehicle registration, you can follow any of the two ways below. Make sure to have a signed statement of financial responsibility.

The expiration date is usually your date of birth. Otherwise, if you are qualified, you may be given an alternate expiration date. For a leased vehicle, check the chart at Vehicle Renewal Page for the expiration date based on the name of the leasing company.

How to Re-register a Salvage Vehicle

A salvage vehicle or a self-assembled vehicle can be titled and then registered in Ohio. Submit the following for the pre-requisite vehicle inspection by the Ohio State Highway Patrol before applying for a title:

  • Original prepaid inspection receipt from the Ohio BMV
  • State issued I.D. or Passport or a valid drivers’ license
  • Ohio title with the current owner name on the front
  • All of the Original Receipts for any parts that were replaced on the vehicle
  • Used Part Receipts must provide the Donor Vehicle’s VIN
  • Receipts from a casual sale by an individual or business that is not a licensed parts dealer must be notarized.

How to Register for a Vehicle from Out of the Country in Ohio

Apply at the County Clerk of Courts Title Office for the issuance of certificate of title for your imported vehicle. Submit the following documents and/or requirements:

Vehicle Registration Fees in Ohio

  • Passenger and non-commercial vehicles:  $34.50 plus the followi
    • permissive taxes (varies by district)
    • any special license plate fees that may apply
    • applicable Deputy Registar license agency fees.
  • Multi-year registrations will pay annual registration fees and permissive tax multiplied by the number of years registered.

Here are the applicable Deputy Registrar license agency fees:

      • 1 Year: $3.50
      • 2 Years: $5.25
      • 3 Years: $8.00
      • 4 to 5 Years: $10.00
  • Late fee: $10 (for renewal made 30 days beyond the expiration date)

For more information on other payments or fees, look up Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicle BMV Fees.