Oklahoma Vehicle Registration

Oklahoma Vehicle Registration: Complete Guide

Oklahoma Vehicle RegistrationAlways conduct a background check when buying a used car in Oklahoma. You won’t know for sure that you are paying for what the car is worth unless you research it through and through. Don’t forget to lookup the VIN to understand if your car is good for scraps. You do not want a car that will not guarantee your safety.

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If you are in Oklahoma, it is necessary that you register your car with the Oklahoma Tax Commission. The car dealer will do it for you if you are buying from them. But when it comes to a private seller, you have to do it yourself in order to transfer the ownership under your name. The process is simple and easy.

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Oklahoma License Plates

Oklahoma License PlatesOklahoma is among the few US states that require only a single, rear license plate for each motor vehicle.

License plates are used for identification purposes and provide law enforcement a means to locate the vehicle owner through motor vehicle records.

License plates must have updated registration sticker in order to show that they are valid and not expired.

If your license plates have been stolen, mutilated, damaged, or lost; it is your responsibility to obtain a replacement. You’ll need to submit an Affidavit for Replacement License Plate/Decal Form (797-D) in person to a certified tag agent.

Alternatively, you may also mail your request to the address below:

Oklahoma Tax Commission – Motor Vehicle Division
2501 North Lincoln Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK 73194

Oklahoma Vehicle Registration & Renewal

To register a vehicle in Oklahoma, the title must certify the registrant is the owner. You have 30 days to register your car after becoming a resident. Or, if you are an old resident, you have 30 days from the date of sale.

As for registration renewal, it can be processed one month before the date of expiration.


  • Current Oklahoma Title, or
  • Owner’s Identification:
    • Driver’s License Number
    • Federal Employer Identification Number
  • Proof of Valid Insurance
  • VIN & Odometer Inspection
  • Bill of Sale
  • Sales Tax Payment
  • Excise Tax Payment

Registration Renewal Requirements:

  • Proof of Previous Year’s Registration
    • Mail-out Registration Notice
  • Proof of Valid Insurance
  • Tag
  • Title
  • VIN Number
  • Owner’s Identification:
    • Driver’s License Number
    • Federal Employer Identification Number

Online Renewal Requirements:

  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • Oklahoma License Plate Number
  • Proof of Identity/Ownership:
    • Driver’s License Number
    • Federal Information Identification Number
  • Proof of Valid Insurance, or
    • Nonuse Declaration (for inoperable/uninsured vehicles)
  • Payment for the fees through Checking Account/Credit Card

Registering Your Vehicle as a Military Personnel in Oklahoma

US military personnel are entitled to discounted registration-related fees, regardless if they are Oklahoma residents or not.

Below are the fees subject to discount:

  • $26 – Registration Fee
  • $1.50 – Insurance Verification Fee
  • $1.50 Mail Fee


  • US Armed Forces Affidavit (Form 779)
  • Proof of Valid Insurance

Oklahoma Vehicle Insurance

Registered vehicles in Oklahoma must at least contain a minimum coverage as intended by law. You will need your insurance to cover the cost in case of an unexpected vehicular accident.

Minimum Insurance Coverage:

  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage:
    • $25,000 per person
    • $50,000 per accident
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage:
    • $25,000

Your Proof of Insurance must contain these details:

  • Vehicle Owner’s Name
  • Vehicle Owner’s Address
  • The Carrier’s Five Digit NAIC Company Code
  • Telephone Number
  • Remarks proving the policy is in accordance with the Oklahoma Insurance Law
  • Model Year of Insured Vehicle
  • Make of Insured Vehicle
  • VIN of Insured Vehicle
  • The Insurance Policy’s Period of Effectivity, including the start and expiration
  • Policy Number

Depending on the vehicle’s condition and the OTC office’s decision, this part may also be added to the vehicle’s necessary insurance coverage:

  • Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Coverage:
    • $25,000 per person
    • $50,000 per accident

Total Loss Vehicle

If the vehicle suffers serious damage, the insurer will estimate how much it would cost to restore its previous condition.

If the cost exceeds 60% of the vehicle’s market value, the insurer may declare it a ‘total loss’. The same is true if the vehicle is proven to have suffered considerable flood damage.

The insurance provider has the duty to inform, in writing, both the vehicle owner and the Oklahoma Tax Commission about such declaration.

The following labels may apply to the vehicle as deemed by an authorized agent:

  • Salvage – if the damage is between 60 and 79% of the unit’s market value
  • Junk – if the damage is 80% or more of the unit’s market value
  • Flood damage, if one of these conditions were met:
    • The unit suffers considerable damage from flood
    • The unit was submerged at a level to or above the dashboard

Transferring Vehicle Ownership in Oklahoma

To officiate an ownership transfer, the seller or donor must sign over the title to the new owner. In addition, the following requirements must be submitted:

Make sure the details on the documents are consistent with each other. In some situations, the seller may need to produce a notarized written statement proving the consistency of all details, especially the serial number. Any mistakes or errors on the documents must be rectified to avoid any inconveniences.

If you wish to notify the OTC of the change of owner, you may submit a Notice of Transfer (Form 773), plus a $10.00 payment to the OTC’s mailing address. Keep in mind that this is an optional choice and failure to submit will not necessarily disqualify your request.

Death of Owner

If there is a written will made by the deceased owner, its legal validity must first be established. Get in touch with a competent agency to get the will probated. Afterward, the court is expected to issue testamentary letters explaining how the vehicle is inherited.

Once you have accomplished it, bring the said letters and the associated death certificate to a tag agency. The transfer of ownership will be processed immediately.

If there were no other person who has a superior claim to the vehicle, the ownership transfer can be processed just the same if the deceased owner has left no known written will.

Change of Name or Address on Vehicle Records

Notify the Department of Public Safety of any decision to change any details on vehicle records. This is done to keep your vehicle’s state records up to date. Vehicle owners have 10 days to notify the agency after a change takes place.

An authorized agent must be informed of a change on any details below:

  • Mailing Address
  • Residential Address
  • County Address
  • Owner’s Name

Aside from visiting one of their offices, you may also inform the department through this mailing address:

Oklahoma Department of Public Safety
Driver License Services
PO Box 11415
Oklahoma City, OK 73136-0415

Registration Fees and Other Charges in Oklahoma

The regulating agency for Oklahoma vehicle registration, the Oklahoma Tax Commission, may apply charges when you register your vehicle. Some of these charges can be paid to the dealer if you buy directly from them. If a car is acquired from a private seller, the payment must be sent directly to the said agency. Here are the fees that are usually required for registration:

Non-Commercial Vehicle

  • $96.00 – 1st through 4th year of registration
  • $86.00 – 5th through 8th year of registration
  • $66.00 – 9th through 12th year of registration
  • $46.00 – 13th through 16th year of registration
  • $26.00 – 17th year of registration and over

Registration Renewal

  • $1.50 – Registration Decal
  • $3.00 – Decal  & License Plate
  • $1.50 – Insurance processing Fee

Registration Renewal Penalties

  • $1.00 – each day of non-renewal after the due date
  • $100 – maximum penalty upon reaching the 100th day of non-renewal

Title Fees

  • $11.00 – Standard Title
  • $4.00 – Junk Title
  • $4.00 – Certificate of Ownership

Reduced Registration Fees

  • $26.00 – US Military
  • $5.00 – Disabled American Veterans
  • $36.00 – Physically Disabled (vehicle modified)
  • $9.00 – Lost, Stolen, or Mutilated
  • $4.00 – Tag Replacement at Renewal

Miscellaneous Fees

  • $17.00 – Ownership Transfer Fee (due upon most transfers of Oklahoma vehicle titles)
  • $4.00 – Vehicle Identification Number/Odometer Reading Inspection
  • $25.00 – Rebuilt Vehicle Inspection
  • $10.00 – Lien Processing Fee    (if the vehicle involves out-of-state lienholder)

Fees if requesting by mail:

  • $5.00 – License Plates
  • $1.55 – Receipts and/or Decals
  • $1.50 – Liability Insurance Verification
  • $5.00 or less – Notarization per document/file

Hopefully, this guide will help you register your motor vehicle in the state. Although the circumstances may differ per applicant, the steps to be followed and the documents that must be submitted are almost identical.