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Our free Chevrolet VIN decoder, also called GM VIN decoder, can check the most important information and history about any Chevy automobile. Enter your Chevrolet VIN below and click on the Decode VIN button to start a VIN search.‘s Chevy VIN decoder provides the following information:

  • Vehicle Specifications
  • Market Value
  • Equipment Details
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Safety Rating
  • Inspection Checklist
  • Current Warranty
  • NMVTIS Vehicle History Report

How Does a Chevy or GM VIN Decoder Work?

Check out the VIN decoding diagram below to see how each digit or section in the 17-digit string is decoded.

Chevrolet VIN Decoder

Each character or set of characters within a Chevrolet VIN indicates specific information including the model and model year, make, where it was manufactured, and more.

Here is a sample Chevrolet VIN: 1G1JC124017101333, which we have decoded using the diagram above and the Chevrolet decoding chart.

  • 1G1 = Manufacturer (Chevrolet United States)
  • J = Platform Code (Chevrolet Cavalier)
  • C = Platform Series Code
  • 1 = Body Style (Two-Door Coupe)
  • 2 = Restraint Type
  • 4 = Engine Type (LN2; 2.2L; Gas L4 SFI)
  • 0 = Security Code
  • 1 = Model Year (2001)
  • 7 = Plant (Lordstown, Ohio, United States)
  • 101333 = Production Sequence’s Chevrolet VIN decoder instantly provides more than these specifications for free including a full car report. We also provide information on the market value, equipment details, fuel efficiency, safety rating, current warranty, and recalls and defects of a Chevy.

Chevrolet Recall Lookup

Chevrolet Silverado has the highest number of recalls among Chevrolet models. This is due to a power steering issue wherein the driver could lose temporary control of the steering wheel, especially when a driver performs low-speed turns. Visit the Chevrolet website for more information.

Here at, you can also search for Chevrolet safety recalls announced in the past 15 calendar years using the VIN.

If a recall has been issued for any Chevy, you can contact Customer Service at 1-800-222-1020 or your local authorized Chevrolet dealer as soon as possible.

Chevrolet Parts and Accessories Lookup

Keep your Chedurable and in top condition with genuine Chevrolet parts and accessories. With genuine parts and accessories, you’ll never have to worry about quality since these are made specifically to fit a Chevy.

Resources for Chevrolet Owners

Why should I use a Chevy VIN Decoder?

  • Check for basic vehicle information available prior to purchase.
  • Verify the car’s build to know the matching parts in case of replacement or repair.
  • Compare vehicle details from documents or the seller.
  • Look up red flags indicating VIN cloning or that the VIN is not for the car you are buying.
  • Identify a specific Toyota by decoding the unique VIN number assigned to each unit at the time of manufacture.
  • Run a full history report, to check past ownership, accident history, and service records.

Check out resources on Chevrolet which could be important to you as an owner or a buyer. For more interesting facts about the brand and its vehicles or to get a Chevrolet vehicle history report at no cost, visit our Chevrolet VIN Check page.

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