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Free License Plate Lookup

Obtaining a vehicle history report is a critical step when you’re shopping for a used car. Using  a license plate number, you can search the records of over 268 million registered vehicles in the United States. Check whether a used car, truck or SUV has hidden problems using’s absolutely free license plate lookup.

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Where does Get Vehicle Information? continually gathers vehicle data associated with a VIN or license plate number into a large database from a vast network.
We then make this database searchable, giving you 100% free access to one of the most complete sources of vehicle information.

Our license plate database can be accessed manually for free license plate lookups, or you can type the license plate number to automatically search for vehicle information.

What Can I Get from a Free License Plate Lookup?

Using the license plate number, you can run a no-obligation vehicle history report that offers the following information:

  • Indicators associated with auto fraud and theft: title history, brand history, total loss history, odometer readings, and salvage history.
  • Market value
  • Vehicle specifications
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Safety rating
  • Warranty or manufacturer recall

In some cases, our free license plate lookup may pull up records for more than one vehicle. This could happen if the owner requested for a license plate transfer to a new vehicle. You should be able to identify which record pertains to the car you are interested in based on the vehicle specifications and other information provided.

What Other Info Can I Get With a License Plate Number?

The license plate number may also be associated with other information on the vehicle and the owner. Check out the information provided by the services below which are offered at a very minimal cost. Sample reports may not be available.

Reverse license plate search

SearchQuarry, a US-based public records resource utility, allows paid members to look up the identity of the car’s owner, vehicle information, VIN, and safety and recall information for federally approved purposes.

Criminal driving record lookup

Vehicle Data Registry offers its members paid access to owner information and driving records using a license plate number.

Visit your state DMV’s website to check if they provide other services associated with license plate numbers such as title check.’s Free Resources on License Plates

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