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California VIN CheckWith almost 15 million registered vehicles, California has the most number of registered cars among US states. But not all of these cars are of good quality. If aiming for a good car is the goal, it would be wise to get your hands on vehicle history reports to review your prospects. Run a Free California VIN Check.

Check VIN: gathers information on thefts, accidents, sales, titles, specifications, and more from official federal and state government sources across the country into a database to provide free vehicle history to the public. This VIN search service is a free alternative to an expensive Carfax report. Search our comprehensive database now using a 17-digit VIN or the license plate number.

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California Resources for Car Drivers and Owners

California, also known as Golden State, is the largest state in terms of population and ranks 3rd in terms of area. As per the 2020 census, the population was around 39,538,223. Combining both land and water areas, the size of the state is estimated to be 163,696 square miles. The state capital is Sacramento, while the largest city is Los Angeles. Among US states, California has the most number of registered cars at 14,894,912 automobiles as of 2019. The average cost of Californian car insurance is $733 (minimum) and $2,065 (full).

California DMV

The California Department of Motor Vehicles is the main agency responsible for vehicle registration and titling in the state of California. Other services that the department offers are the following:

California Title Request

In addition to the above services, you can also avail of titling services, such as title transfer and processing. If you have trouble looking for your lienholder, California DMV has a vast repository of info on banks and financial institutions which you can browse here:

Other Resources for California Car Drivers/Owners

  1. Emissions and Safety Inspection Locations
  2. Vehicle Safety Ratings
  3. Vehicle Recalls by VIN
  4. Automotive Market Values
  5. Automotive Reviews

Why Should I Run a California VIN Check?

Check for accidents. Some cars suffered impacts that were strong enough to render them dangerous to use. One way of ensuring personal safety is by assessing the reliability and safety of car parts. A VIN check can provide details on accidents and repairs that were made on a car.

According to the 2019 California Annual Report, a total of 3,316 fatal crashes caused 3,606 traffic fatalities in 2019. California’s crash fatality rate was lower than the national crash fatality rate (1.06 to 1.10 per hundred million vehicle miles).

California Car Accidents VIN Check

Check for thefts. According to the FBI’s 2019 Crime in US reports, California had a total of 141,757 incidents of motor vehicle theft in 2019. Carefully scrutinize every prospective used car in the market as they may be stolen from their rightful owners. Run a VIN check to get a free car report. This is one way of checking updates on theft and theft recoveries.

California Stolen Cars VIN Check
Check for title brands. Flood, hail-damage and salvage titles are examples of critical title brands you should keep an eye on prior to buying a used car. Any vehicle to be driven in the state will be subjected to a lot of external hazards because of varied climates and environments.
Ca;ifornia Salvage Cars VIN Check

Check for other critical information and records. Our free VIN check offers a range of crucial checks including:

  • Vehicle Specifications
  • Safety Ratings
  • Market Value
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Warranty/Manufacturer Recall
  • Title Records
  • Sales Records
  • Lien Records

Run a California VIN Check to uncover the full-story of your next vehicle.
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