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Georgia VIN CheckIn some states, including Georgia, a salvage title does not automatically rule out the possibility of a car being involved in illegal activity. In fact, the title may even be a clue that a car is stolen.

If you’re buying a used car in or out of state, make sure you know the vehicle history. Run a Georgia VIN check.

Check VIN: gathers information on thefts, accidents, sales, titles, specifications, and more from official federal and state government sources across the country into a database to provide free vehicle history to the public.

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Georgia Resources for Car Drivers and Owners

Georgia, the ‘Peach State’, is the 8th most populous state in the US. There are approximately 10,711,908 people living within its jurisdiction. The state can be found in the southeastern region of the Mainland US. In terms of size, it covers 59,425 square miles of both land and water areas. The state’s capital and largest city is Atlanta. There are 3,499,520 automobiles registered in Georgia as of 2019. The average costs of auto insurance in the state are $756 for minimum coverage and $1,982 for full coverage.

Georgia DMV

The Motor Vehicle Division of the Georgia Department of Revenue serves the same role as other states’ departments of motor vehicles (DMV). To work on vehicle registration, title and government auto services below, you need to contact authorized entities:

Georgia Vehicle Information Request

The Georgia Department of Revenue has a free VIN lookup tool called VIN Status Check for checking the status of a vehicle’s registration and insurance:

This Georgia Department of Revenue system, listed as a top Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) online service, is intended exclusively for use by authorized users only. You may need to set up an account to access to the tool.

Other Resources for Car Drivers/Owners

  1. Emissions and Safety Inspection Locations
  2. Vehicle Safety Ratings
  3. Vehicle Recalls by VIN
  4. Automotive Market Values
  5. Automotive Reviews

Why Should I Run a Georgia VIN Check?

Check for accidents. A lot of motor vehicles that have been privately owned for so long have acquired damages in varying degrees. No words are truer for taxi vehicles. Make sure the used car that interests you is in working condition. A VIN check covers major historical events of a car, even those that can be found on police reports. Based on the 2019 IIHS report, in 1,377 fatal traffic crashes, 1,491 people were killed. Georgia’s crash fatality rate was slightly higher than the national crash fatality rate (1.12 vs 1.10 per hundred million vehicle miles) in 2019.

Check for thefts. According to the FBI’s 2019 Crime in US reports, Georgia had a total of 23,776 incidents of motor vehicle theft in 2019. Taking the necessary precautionary measures is your best bet in avoiding stolen cars. Run a free car report by VIN to check records of theft and theft recoveries.

Georgia Theft RecordsCheck for title brands. A salvage title often indicates that the cost to repair a car has exceeded the car’s original market value. A flood title, on the other hand, implies that a significant portion of the vehicle had been submerged by flood in the past. All these titles only mean that permanent and irreparable damage in a car is likely. Georgia may not be a top destination for storms and other calamities. However, one should not be so careless as to not check vehicle history.

Georgia Salvage VIN CheckCheck for other critical information and records. Our free VIN check offers a range of crucial checks including:

  • Vehicle Specifications
  • Safety Ratings
  • Market Value
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Warranty/Manufacturer Recall
  • Title Records
  • Sales Records
  • Lien Records

Run a Georgia VIN Check to uncover the vehicle history of your next target car.

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